Since its reopening in May 2018, following a renovation phase of more than two years, the new PEP – Munich's largest shopping centre, boasting 135 specialist shops under one roof – has been delivering unforgettable shopping and lifestyle experiences. Due to their wide-ranging expertise, SCHLEGEL was the first choice of general contractor and was therefore responsible for the execution planning, all remodelling work and the technical building services.

The requirements for the extensive modernisation of this shopping centre and the expansion of the retail space by 8000 m² to a total of 60,000 m² were extraordinary. Not only was a car park demolished to make this additional space, but all of the renovation work had to be carried out at night. The specification was binding: The work must not disrupt businesses or the customers and visitors during business hours. This was achieved thanks to SCHLEGEL's tight and meticulously timed HR, material and time management: Starting with the task of removing the ceiling and the technical installations, through to the removal of asbestos, implementing the fire protection measures, and the interior construction. In particular, the installation of the new sprinkler system proved to be a challenge because the existing sprinkler system had to remain fully functional in order to guarantee that the centre could still operate. The same was true of the ventilation and smoke extraction systems, and for the entire electrical installation, including the elaborate lights that were designed by ECE.

In an additional step, SCHLEGEL carried out the ceiling and drywall work, and installed the ceiling baffles, which effectively structure the room from above thanks to their alternating perforation in black, white and hand-decorated gold leaf.

The real design highlight is the wave-form of the ceiling structure, into which the steel substructure and the smoke extraction system have both been invisibly integrated. With its curved, upward-reaching shape, made from aluminium with a gold-look finish, it decisively defines the architecture used in the renovation of the shopping centre. The wave-form ceiling structure is 24 metres long and reaches a height of 22 metres at one end, directly below the glass ceiling – a challenge when it came to both the production and the installation.

SCHLEGEL also paid close attention to the overall effect, down to the finest detail, when it came to the final painting work, the installation of the flooring and wall panelling, and the implementation of the railings, parapets and balconies in the renovated building, right through to various amenities.

The result is a uniquely modern shopping atmosphere with a high-impact architectural design.
Photography: ECE, Hamburg