Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, the Multzentrum on Berliner Platz in Weinheim (Baden-Württemberg) has been sporting a brand new look since the end of 2017. It took just under 10 months to transform the existing 35-year-old building into an ultra-modern shopping arcade. This was able to happen in such a short time thanks to general contractor SCHLEGEL, whose highly skilled and dedicated team completely renovated the 15,000 m² structure and fitted all the fixtures required by its lessees.

The story behind the project in brief: In 2016 the Multzentrum's then primary leaseholder, Kaufland, decided not to renew its rental contract. The condition of the building was not good enough to attract any subsequent tenants either. This led the Hahn Group – an investment manager for large commercial properties – to develop a comprehensive regeneration concept to expand and enhance the site at a total investment cost of approximately €17 million. This provided good reason to get an experienced general contractor on board who is used to handling projects of this size – and investors made exactly the right choice when they opted for SCHLEGEL.

The project could accurately be described as "starting from scratch". The plan envisaged two attractive storeys full of shops on the ground floor and first floor, plus a grand entrance area. The first step was to pull down certain parts of the building and completely gut the premises. This was not an easy task, not least because of the difficulties involved in disposing of the 1980's building materials. The subsequent special underground engineering and shell construction work saw SCHLEGEL give the future centre its foundations and modernised structure, including the new and ambitious entrance way. The building services company needed five times the usual skill to meet the lessees' various requirements, from laying the supply lines through to their connection. Water, electricity, fire prevention, climate control and ventilation had to be planned in-depth and completed on schedule to meet the different needs of discount supermarkets, shoe shops, fashion retailers, a dentist and a pharmacy. The life-safety systems, such as the new sprinkler system and central fire alarm system, were installed in parallel, explains Project Manager Stephan Röder from the SCHLEGEL project team. This is because all the retail spaces on the first floor, which measures around 4000 m², not only had to have direct access to the parking level but also needed to be reachable from the ground floor via convenient lifts.  

Individuality was the top priority when remodelling the inside of the building. Each square metre was designed to maximise the brand impact of the company renting it in order to improve brand recognition and enhance the shopping experience. Whether creating a supermarket atmosphere or shopping environment, SCHLEGEL's artistry lay in integrating big brands' corporate design specifications into the fabric of the space and giving even small enterprises, such as the newsagent at the entrance, a presence designed to encourage shoppers to visit. The use of materials was equally varied, as was the work that finishers had to carry out on the floor, walls and ceiling, and when installing the lighting.

Work continued outside, where SCHLEGEL was really able to play to its strengths and catch many people by surprise. Although best known on the market for specialising in building projects and interior design, the Bietigheim-based company also plans and creates outdoor areas, car parks and advertising spaces – services which it made full use of for the Multzentrum.

The Multzentrum opened as planned in October 2017. "Our philosophy is WE DO IT YOUR WAY, meaning we put ourselves in our customers' shoes and develop solutions that achieve their goals and can be implemented on schedule. That makes us part of the project, which is something we are very proud of," summarises Bernd Köpfer, Managing Director of SCHLEGEL Concepts, speaking about his work in general and particularly that for the Multzentrum.